Tracking the EPF Status by SMS

by harshil.patel .

Are you worried about tracking your Employee Provident Fund? Well, if you have retired and still a few months has passed away, it is the right time to track your Employee Provident Fund. However it is not just always true that you have to track down the Employee Provident Fund Status by running from one office to other. With the help of the Employee Provident Fund Organization, India, there are lots more of other options which you can take the help of for tracking the correct Employee Provident Fund Status by sitting at your home. If you are likely at your home and willing to track it down, just grab your cell phone and take the opportunity of tracking the Employee Provident Fund Status with the SMS Service. To know the PF withdrawal form equalization through SMS, you need to send a SMS. The SMS is sent in the offered configuration to the predetermined number. The Number to get SMS of EPF equalization is– 7738 299 899.

PF withdrawal form

Here is a quick guide for it:

Here are some of the steps which you have to follow:

Step 1:

It gives your name and date of birth. You would know any blunder in your records. From here you know latest news regarding EPF.Hence, you can amend it on-time.

Step 2:

It additionally tells about the connected KYC records. It can be a technique to get the status of your KYC report verification status.

7th pay commission calculator

Step 3:

It additionally tells whether bank point of interest is accessible with EPFO or not. This time 7th pay commission scale is amazing by the recently government.

Step 4:

You would likewise know the last commitment month and sum.

7th pay commission pay scale

Thus knowing the EPF status is just so easy and you need to take the help of a proper guide in order to know the status. If you want know how was pay scale in 7th pay commission use 7th pay commission calculator. But you must ensure one thing that the phone number from which you are sending the sms should be the same from that of the given details. All that you have to do is to follow the step by step guide in order to accomplish the correct status. Though there are many more ways to track down the EPF status, there is a lot more that you can take the help of!