CBSE class 12 result 2016

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CBSE class 10 result 2015 continues to be announced today i.e. May 28, 2015 at 2 pm on Central Board of Secondary Education’s official websites and

While students who appeared in CBSE class 10 result 2015 are eagerly expecting their 10th result, which CBSE was very likely to announce on May 27th but delayed it by way of a day and possesses announced 10th Results 2016, it is crucial for both parents and students to be aware of the format on the tenth board results. Students can get their bring about CGPA.

CGPA or Cumulative Grade Points Average could be the average of grade points achieved in all of the subjects excluding the added 6th subject.


Note: CGPA will not be same as the share. There is a different process to calculate the proportion.

How to calculate percentage from CGPA for class 10:

Multiply overall CGPA by 9.5
i.e. 7.8* 9.5 = 74.1%

For subject wise percentage, multiply grade points received in each subject with 9.5.

While the CGPA is mentioned within the result, there exists a little calculation if you would like calculate it yourself.

How to calculate CGPA for class 10:

Step 1: Add grade points
To calculate the CGPA, add the grades received in 5 subjects.


For ex:
Grade points for 5 subjects are: Subject 1: 7, subject 2: 8, subject 3: 9, subject 4: 8, subject 5: 7
Add them: 7+8+9+8+7 = 39

Step 2: Divide the sum by 5 i.e. 39/5 = 7.8

There fore, Overall CGPA is 7.8

Even though grades for 12th Results 2016 are visible inside the separate boxes within the result, they aren’t combined for CGPA.

Students can check their result on,

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