5 Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android

Wi-Fi hacking is common now. In every third to fourth home you will see Wi-Fi is working. You can enjoy unlimited free fun of internet using your neighbor’s or friends Wi-Fi. This is possible now with Wi-Fi hacking apps. This hijacks the password of Wi-Fi and lets you enjoy watching your favorite videos and music videos online for absolutely free. Here are the 10 best Wi-Fi hacking applications, some are used in rooted and some are for non-rooted device. And some works in both rooted devices.

WPS Connect

WPS Connect is a popular hacking app for android phones. You can easily skip the WPS secured Wi-Fi password from the nearby internet connection.  This app seamlessly works in all kind of routers. But keep in mind this can only work on the WPS security enabled Wi-Fi extender.

Wi-Fi Kill

This killing app is discovered to browse and use the nearby Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi kill is a powerful app used to cut off the Wi-Fi hurdles in just few clicks.  This is easy to use and install in android phone.


The best hacking app is available for the rooted devices. It just helps you in connecting your phone to the WPS or WPA enabled network. You can also see the secured password with this application.


Nmap works smoothly on both rooted and non rooted android devices. It magically works as a security scanner to identify the nearby Wi-Fi network and crack the secured connection.

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is a useful app to find the hotspot locations of nearby area. This has a directory of around 500,000 locations of all around the world. This app helps you in showing the hotspot location of your places. This immediately scans the Wi-Fi hotspot network around you.

Here are the most useful and helpful Wi-Fi cracking apps for rooted and none rooted Smartphone.  You are just a one tap away to install and use this app to get the unlimited internet data for absolutely free. Just download the following apps and search for Wi-Fi signals.



Dragons who had got extinct thousands years ago have come back to dominate over mankind, we need to hunt them down, overpower and train them using ‘Pocket dragon go’ app. This app tracks these dragons with the help of the GPS and camera installed in your PC. The Dragons can be trapped in your pocket balls as soon as you locate them.

This app is an exclusively mobile app but seeing the popularity of the snes games, developers have made it accessible for computer users too. PC gives the player a good adventure feeling and good space to find and gun down the dragons.

This game was a hit in the very first time of its arrival with many youngsters loving the game. The developers are coming up with newer and better versions of the app to connect maximum people.

Pocket Dragon Go for pc

Start collecting your dragons soon….But just after reading these features.


The dragon hunting app provides you with excellent graphics, good sound quality which enhances your senses like playing in the reality. It is easy to use and can be played indoors, this gives you best playing experience for younger children and is safe too.

The app consist of many challenges which tempts you to play more and more. They help you by giving hints, score rankings, epic battle system. The dragon hunting app uses less battery and helps you to have better connectivity with friends. Download the collage maker app by following some simple steps.


  1. Download the Bluestacks app n your PC or Mac.
  2. Install the Bluestacks app on your PC or Mac.
  3. Type ‘Pocket Dragon Go’ in the search bar in the Bluestacks app on your PC or Mac.
  4. Install the Pocket Dragon App.
  5. Get as many dragons in your pocket balls.

Download the Pocket Dragon Go app using Bluestacks and flaunt yourself by becoming the best dragon hunter and trainer.

Check HDFC Loan Status Online

If you have applied for the HDFC loan against property or gold, you can verify or inquire the status of loan in just few minutes. HDFC is a reputed corporate banking sector follows service of maintaining financial, credit cards, debit cards, loans and many major services. If your account is in this bank and you need to inquire about your credits and debits you can easily go through the online portal of HDFC bank. This bank also facilitates the loan against property and loan against gold, loan for construction, loan for business developing and also pay online HDFC credit card payment.

If you are in the queue and applied for the any kind of personal to commercial loan you can easily get the ongoing process of loan online with HDFC bank registered site. This gives you the benefit of showing your loan status without going to office, sitting at a chair on computer or laptop.

HDFC Credit Card

Track HDFC Loan Status Tutorials

Now applicant can track the current status of loan using application given while filling the loan form or even without application no. In both ways applicant can get the necessary information regarding loan status. Also check online HDFC credit card status from the official website.

The process is very easy and simple, go for it here under.

For checking the loan status you will require the link which is applicable to get the direct entry into the loan sector.

Use this link https://leads.hdfcbank.com/applications/misc/LST/loantracker.aspx?src=hp and click on it.

HDFC Credit Card Payment

Now on screen you will be asked to enter your name, reference or the proposal number.

Also there is one form to enter your date of birth and the registered mobile number.

Write that mobile no, name and date of birth you applied in while filling the loan application form.

Now read more for move a cursor to submit button and click on it

Once you enter on submit button you will be provided the detailed knowledge of current position of HDFC bank loan status online. You will be acknowledged how much procedure is complete or what problem occurs to file the loan. This will gives you the total comfort of checking the loan status still you don’t get the final confirmation for the loan.

Best car to buy Under 10 lakhs

Buying a car is a reality we all have to face one or the other day. Whether you are buying a new or used car, it is important you take out time to do your research. It is interpreted as one of the daunting tasks to take up. But if you follow proper steps then you will surely enjoy the whole process of buying used cheap car in Mumbai. Budget is an important constraint to keep in mind before selecting a car. If you are planning to buy a car priced below ten lakhs then this list is here to help you for sure.


  • Volkswagen Vento: Vento is a sedan crafted so thoughtfully, you’ll surely fall in love with. It is available in twelve variations in India. It comes with absolutely sophisticated exteriors and exquisite interiors. Besides the standard features of this trim, it also has alloy wheels, leather seat upholstery, contrasting roof, side mouldings, and a portable navigation device with a wireless rear camera. Iit is priced between eight to ten lakhs INR.
  • Honda Jazz: Jazz is a hatchback available in 12 versions out of which seven are petrol cars and the remaining five are diesel cars. It is made available in six vibrant and stylish colors. The mileage rating varies between 18 to 27 kmpl depending upon the version you will choose. The price range is 5.81 lakhs to 9.1 lakhs INR.
  • Ford Ecosport: Ecosport is a SUV available in 10 petrol and 8 diesel versions in India. It comes in eight eye catchy colors that makes your car nothing less than classy. The mileage lies between 18 to 22 kmpl,depending upon the version you choose. The price range is 6.93 lakhs to 993 lakhs INR.
  • Maruti Suzuki Ciaz: Maruti has not been very successful in cars below 10 lakhs. Most of the people consider it as a brand highly suitable only for small cars. But to prove this wrong and get ticked on all the right boxes, Ciaz is here. It is premium, stylish and comes with top notch interiors. Mileage rating varies between 17 to 26 kmpl.the price range is 8.12 to 9.94 lakhs INR.
  • Mahindra TUV300: It is available in nine diesel versions in India. You have six exuberant colors to choose from. The mileage is rated as 18 kmpl. And the price varies between 7.38 lakhs to 9.74 lakhs INR.
  • Renault Duster: Duster is available in 15 versions in India, out of which two are petrol cars and thirteen are diesel cars. They are available in a wide range of ten colors. The price starts from 8.54 lakh INR. The mileage varies between 13 to 19 kmpl depending on the road conditions and the version you will choose.

Other cars to be considered which are priced below ten lakhs are Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Mahindra Scorpio, Renault Lodgy, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Cross Polo, Skoda Rapid, Nissan Terrano and Tata Safari.

Best Digital marketing firm

Are you looking for a digital marketing firm? Do you often think that you should appoint a digital marketing firm? Well, the answer is Yes, you should appoint the Digital Marketing Firm which doesn’t give you any fear and can take the stress free life when you appoint a digital marketing firm because it is secure and motivating your websites. You will be pleased with the experience as it will give you with exploit, learning and progress.

Digital is shifting the way customers interrelate with brands. Digital marketing agency main aim is to build with inspiration to the modern consumer. They build creativity with an accurate, data-driven method for marketing. The Digital marketing firm gets your brand in front of the right spectators, with the right message at the right time. Digital Marketing Company offers specialized Search Engine Optimization services that help websites increase their organic search score radically in order to play for the highest rankings even when it comes to highly reasonable key phrases.

It’s time to grow your business by digital marketing. For that you will need a web development company waterloo that you can trust. A digital marketing agency will provide you an amazing customer service, a huge list of successful case studies and is continuously familiar as being ahead of the curve in digital marketing.

If you want modern digital marketing that accelerates your growth, then have a look into it given below

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

Markets and agencies naturally apply straight approaches to this unconventional medium. Social Media Marketing approaches social media in a completely different method.

  1. Integrated Digital Marketing

As your joined agency, it becomes closely involved in your company’s marketing process.  The company can support in budget optimization, tracking and reporting.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you’re looking for effective online ad positions then check out our Google, and Bing accredited team. Increase your website visitors and importantly conversions with our flexible and transparent pay-per-click advertising.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

When your customers are searching online for your services and products, make sure you’re the website they click on. The firm will provide you tailored SEO services to match your commercial goals. We’ll help you realize better positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo. In turn powerful, more sales to your company.

  1. Remarketing

Stay appropriate and top of mind as your client goes through the choice process of buying into your product or service.

  1. White Label SEO/SEM Keys

The Digital Marketing Firm positively works along other companies to provide high quality SEO and SEM white branded solutions.

  1. In-house Training

The company custom training is custom-made to your business needs and can include any area of digital marketing. Delivered in a presentation or workshop elegance and can be able to analyze the tests you’re facing and help you to grow solutions face to face.

So don’t be late. Appoint Digital Marketing Firm today itself, which increase build creativity with an exact, data obsessed technique for marketing.


Advance Tax Calculator for Financial Year 2016-17

Advance Tax Calculator

Mostly corporate companies and professionals higher Chartered Accounts for calculating income tax of financial year. But for the salaried persons and company employees whose taxes are nominal they cannot higher CA to compute tax. For them this article will help you. They can exemplify and calculate their income tax through this process. It is not so much lengthy. But for this it is very important for the person to save all the salary slips or the income gained in the business. You must save the bills of whole year to calculate the tax in the right way using advance tax payment calculator. In the financial year, whole income of year will be counted and on that basis your income tax will be deducted from your income.

Advance tax payment calculater

Here is the information how you can calculate your Commercial tax of gujarat.

First of all you enter the income from salary

Income from capital gain

Income from house property

Income from business and profession

Income from other sources

Now minus the expenses like deduct travel expense, rent of the work place, internet and phone costs.

Now total this amount.

Add surcharge

Add secondary and higher secondary cess

Now count the tax payable.

With this process you can also pay advance tax, if you are eligible for this.

Income tax calculator

What is Advance Tax?

Advance tax is a good option for those who don’t want to pay taxes in lump some amount. This is an installment process, where the tax payer has to pay income as they earn. It is a “Pay as you earn” facility provided to the business and professional whose tax amount is more than 10,000. The salaried persons who earns income from capital gains, earn from lottery, house property is also eligible to pay tax in advance. If anyone forgets to pay the tax in advance, he or she has to pay 1% of interest of income from here know the dates applicable to pay advance tax.

On or before Sep 15th:  Tax Payer is liable to pay tax less than 30% of tax payable

On or before December 15th: Tax payer is liable to pay return in advance not less than 60% payable.





Easy Way to Download PF Withdrawal Form

In this article we are going to provide you the complete knowledge about how to download PF withdrawal form. If you want to transfer your PF amount or withdraw your PF amount you can easily send a request to EPFO office through PF withdrawal form. There are various types of PF withdrawal forms like EPF form 13, Form 14, Form 10, Form 20, Form 31 and many others which are very useful for the PF holder to claim their earnings. Here, Employer’s attestation is not mandatory. Here we have offered link to download your PF withdrawal form online. If you know about the online PF withdrawal facility and already applied for PF Claim, then you can also check the PF claim status online now. And if you are still not following how to download the PF Withdrawal form, please see to under mentioned guidelines.

PF withdrawal

How to Download PF Withdrawal Form

First of all visit to the registered EPFO site.

Here you will be given the PF withdrawal form link.

Click and download the form which you belonged to.

Now fill up the necessary information.

  1. Your PF account number
  2. Your Bank account number
  3. IFSC code of your bank
  4. Date of joining and
  5. Date of leaving

You must carry all the details with you. You will be asked to submit all the details.

Once you enter all the details submit the form.

If you have UAN activation No, please mention it in the form. This will make your process easy. And if you have Aadhar card no, link UAN No with Aadhar card. EPFO do not ask to enter signature or any other proof once your link Aadhar card with UAN no.

This is how anyone can ask and argue for PF withdrawal claim online. You can also ask and query about PF claim status by entering into the registered EPFO site. You can also check your PF balance through this official site.

Get Opera Mini for PC Downloads Online

If you are looking for the fast and safe internet browser Opera Mini is the first choice. In this new era when technology is growing faster, you also need a support who can give you the fun of unstoppable browsing experience. Opera mini is a leading web browsing application absolutely free to install in Smartphone and iOS devices. Since a long period of time PC users are asking to use this application in PC for better work and increase the internet speed as well.  For download youtube videos here is new player name OG youtube apk, it is currently available for android. We have come with Opera Mini for PC Downloads procedure which can help you running Opera Mini in your Windows computer. First of all we will talk about the latest features of Opera Mini and after that for installation guide, please have a look here under.

Download Opera Mini for PC

Opera Mini Features

  • A reliable browser browses faster and longer
  • Ad-blocker to block the unwanted ads.
  • Quick browsing experience even in the lowest internet speed.
  • It works in the lower bandwidth too.
  • Now no need to wait and watch for installation
  • A quick browser for the quick installation process.
  • A small and light weight browser carry a large numbers of downloads at one time.

How to Install Opera Mini for PC

Opera Mini is the most wanted app to get the fastest browsing experience. Now desktop users can enjoy using this app in PC with Opera Mini for PC guidelines. Bluestacks is the beautiful emulator enhanced only to switch all the android apps in PC. We will start our downloading procedure using bluestacks.

Opera Mini for PC

  • Install bluestacks from Google.
  • Once it is downloaded open its home page.
  • Type Opera Mini in the displaying search tool.
  • Now click on install tab.
  • Opera Mini is downloading wait for some time.
  • Once the downloading is finished, go back to main screen of bluestacks app player.
  • See to Opera Mini app and click on it.

Your app is installed and you are free to enjoy the unlimited browsing using this app. For editing photos and images you can download photo collage app free from the google play store. Undoubtedly Opera Mini for PC is a good object to get the fun of faster and longer browsing speed.

MX Player for PC Downloads Online

Maximum Smartphone is aware and installed MX player app. It is downloaded to get the free fun of enjoying all sorts of videos in one tap of app. It is the fastest growing HD media player app known for its best picture quality and surround system. It supports all types of movies or videos to download faster than any. If you want to download best video editor then install Nomao App. It can be downloaded from Google to android Smartphone, windows phone, iOS phones. But in PC this app is not supported to install straightly from Google store. Undoubtedly PC users wanted to install this app to enjoy movies in the big HD screen. If you want to learn how to download MX Player in Mac, you must chase to our MX player for PC downloads tutorial. This will give you the freedom to enjoy the MX player in desktop free of cost. Yes it is a free of cost process. It is an authentic way to install this app in PC. There are some little steps and course of clicks you need to follow to install MX player for PC.

MX Player for PC

Step 1: Install Bluestcks

Bluestacks is an android emulator, which transforms the android apps in PC. It has given the authority to install android games and apps. Most importantly it is free to download from Google. There are no hidden charges or cost behind installing this software. For its user friendly interface it can run smoothly in an operating system.

Step 2: Search MX player in Bluestacks

Once you open the bluestacks, you will see the home screen. You will see “search” column appeared in the left side. Enter MX player name in that column.

MX Player for PC Download

Step 3: Install the app

Once you typed the name, quickly move to the downside “install” tab. Click on this tab. MX player app is installing now. Don’t be in hurry, let the download finish completely. Now a days new social media app is launch so if you want to download then install Hello download application.

Step 4: Click on Go back button and click on the logo of app.

Your app is installed in PC now. You are able to download any kind of music videos in MX player.

It is a complete guide for how to install MX player in PC without any hassle. Download it now.

How to Download Medieval Defenders for Mac

Are you in over with playing strategy and action based games? Well, there are a lot of games which the people love to play and out of them there are a lot of things which will come up for your help. Well from if to bus you can get something more than what you would be looking. Clearly with the launch of different strategy games, there are a lot of things which you would be looking. Indeed, with the help of Medieval Defenders many Mac users come up with different things there are a lot more than what you can get. Well with the aid of Medieval Defenders you can play a lot more and can get your brains better as the day’s progress.

However this is not all, and the Medieval Defenders are coming up with different thoughts then what you have to do is to download the Medieval Defenders for Mac. Well, if you are unknown to the facts, there are just a few steps which you need to cover in downloading the Freedom apk latest version. So all you have to do is just follow a few steps to go.

Download Medieval Defenders for Mac

Step 1:

So to get your file downloaded what you need to do is to have a proper emulator which will help you to get the file downloaded. Well, this is just not all, and the emulator is just a thing which will help you to download the file and then help you to install it on your PC. Well so to start off the things just go to the internet and then download the Bluestacks Android Emulator and then get your file. Once you have Cartoon HD apk download the file you now have to step up with opening it.

Step 2:

Now the next thing what you have to do is to open the emulator and then go to the search bar to find the application which you are looking. Now what you have to do is to open up the file and then use the install option next to it. So once you have done this, you now have to wait for clicking to all the terms and the conditions and then start on with downloading the file.

Medieval Defenders for Mac

Step 3:

Though it is quite easy to say that the download Line for PC will take less than minutes, it is still often noticed that the download takes time with the speed of the internet connectivity that you have. You can wait for a few moments to get the file and then quickly install it to your PC.